Yellow Samadhi Quartz

Known as the Merchant’s stone, Yellow Samadhi Quartz is the epitome of golden shine and luster that embeds positivity and good luck in its possessor’s life. It is often termed the Master Healer crystal, which signifies its potential and powers of shining golden light for bringing the good and auspicious to your lives.

Yellow Quartz fills your unhappening life with a sparkle of golden healing light that helps you achieve an equilibrium of the whole being. It in turn clears away the energy field from negative, chaotic vibrations, to a state that is significantly immersed in a blissful inner environment of happiness, joy, and harmony. The yellow quartz crystal also creates an ambiance filled with willpower, exhilaration, and enthusiasm. It optimizes all the Yin-Yang energy and balances out all the chakras. It is also related to the Solar Plexus chakra.

At psychological levels, yellow quartz crystals provide healing energy to the highest possible level. It opens up the gateway of psychic abilities to overcome mental health problems and even attunes you to spiritual healing. It’s an incredible energy saver. Apart from this, it acts as a filtration medium to root out distractions that help overcome depression. The Golden Quartz is a remarkable stone for meditation as it enhances concentration and power-ups your thinking capability in good directions. 

 It's often said that stones are powerful because they draw energies from Nature's five major elements-Space, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth. Thus, these stones are a combination of energies derived from all these superpowers and hence affect our overall life. Similarly, it affects our body and this very stone draws positive power from these elements and re-builds our body’s substantial needs.  Its body healing properties prioritize the immune system, in creating a healthy and disease-free body. It keeps the bronchial disease related to the lungs, kidney disease, and liver disorders in check. 

These days a lot of beauty and cosmetic brands have opted for jade rollers and gua sha stones that are primarily made from Quartz. The yellow Quartz is thus a power pack option that helps to clean the pores of the skin and prevents skin disease through such items. 

This stone is blessed with the Colors and radiations of the Sun that brings hope, vividness, vitality, and energy to your life. It can be a good gift for someone’s new beginning in the form of any ornament or a part of jewelry like weddings, house warming parties, and a string of happiness that brings joy to your loved one’s life. 

Yellow Quartz also fills up the communication gap between marriage or a relationship that is in its struggling phase and has been suffering bumps for a period of time. 

Overall, concentration, supervision, and a road to a trouble-free life are often promised with the introduction of Yellow Quartz in your life. Embrace its uniqueness, shine, and beautiful appearance as it radiates and brings all its benefits to you and your dear ones.

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