The prismatic lustrous white apophyllite is famous for the embodiment of welcoming spiritual power to oneself. It is referred to as the helper crystal, its translucent finishing generates positivity that sparkles good energies in your surroundings. It also represents the Soul Star, which is referred to as the ‘Eight Chakra”. This chakra revolves above the crown chakra and symbolizes a chakra just above our head which is home to our soul. 

Apophyllite is a charismatic crystal that represents a union of the feminine and masculine energies, which is an epitome of a balance in the entire universe. The gemstone’s bright light blends together completely to dissolve all the wavelengths, leaving it utterly devoid of any dualistic or manifested energies.

It is a stone that motivates you towards the transcendence of oneself above the dichotomy of the form in which you continue to live in this world. It opens up the gateways to your continued journey on the paths of self-enlightenment. They are used for stimulating  your pineal gland and helps you intensify your inner vision. 

Apophyllite infuses your light body with a high positive vibrational energy that helps to open you up on the pathways of Spiritual awakening. It aids your travel upwards through the soul star or eighth chakra to increase your connection with Spiritual beings. The effect of this tone thus helps you gain peace, introduces you to a calm version of your self and lets you achieve a happy go lucky state of mind.

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