White Samadhi Quartz

India is a land of rich cultures and is known for its archaic heritage. Not only there is diversity in language, religions, and customs but there is plenty of variety in stones and crystals.  In India, the towering summits of the Himalayas that crown the nation as a spiritual site for prayers and meditations. Many monks and astrologers reside in the peaks of Himalayan valleys to find peace for their souls in literally the highest reaches of the world to achieve Samadhi— the oneness of mind with the universe. 

White quartz is one of the beautiful variants of mineral quartz that has the highest commercial distribution globally. It is found from the age-old sedimentary, igneous, and metamorphic rocks. The special properties of this gemstone are that it is highly durable and is extremely effective to handle natural and chemical weathering processes. Due to this very reason, it is found on the mountain tops in the most unexpected climate conditions.

White Samadhi Quartz is known as the "master healer" that amplifies positive energy and empathetic thoughts in your life. The Clear Quartz wipes out all the negative energy of different kinds, neutralizing harsh vibrations and radiations emitted from harmful electromagnetic smog or petrochemical emanations from the surroundings. The White Himalayan quartz can form clusters that range from large powerful points to tiny sparkling points which intersect and run in various directions to radiate all sorts of auspiciousness in the possessor’s environment. 

White Samadhi Quartz is formed through geological depositions that occur for millions of years. These quartz are compressed over and built into a crystalline structure. The clear white quartz has been categorized as an unbelievable Seven on Mohs Scale of hardness. The beautiful gemstone is used for a lot of purposes from ornamental purposes to making expensive abrasive industrial products. Jewelry made with this quartz is sheer glitz and glam that is ethnic and speaks a style statement of its own. 

white quartz

It revitalizes a broad dimensional scope of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual aspects related to your heart, body, and soul.  The purity of White Samadhi Quartz acts as a deep soul cleanser, connecting the physical dimension with the mind, redefining the core essence of unification of your heart with your soul. The white clear quartz improves psychic abilities and aids concentration that builds up a stronger and healthier memory.  Apart from it, it strengthens the immune system with powerful conduits of energy. 

It is the birthstone for the people who celebrate their birthdays in the month of April and this crystal is often regarded next to the king of all gemstones Diamond. It is associated with the tenth anniversary and is linked to the Crown Chakra as well. Overall, the White Samadhi Quartz brings warmth, support, and good fortune to people who are dealing with several issues in the rush of life with abundant positive energies in its way.

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