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We at Himalya Quartz bring the essence of imagination, individuality, impact, and inclusivity by introducing you to all types of precious stones and valuable quartz, including the aesthetic Apophyllite

We are passionately involved in what we do. We believe that Gemstones and quartz items are God’s wonderful and alluring gift to mankind. Our strong foundation deals only in 100% Natural, Untreated, and Best Quality Gemstones which includes aesthetic spiritual stones as well as stones for designer Jewelry.  We are constantly motivated and driven to expand our products, services, and other facilities with ease to your doorsteps with our “Himalya Quartz” initiative. Hence, the sole purpose of this organization is to bring forth valuable and treasured stones to people across the globe.

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Who We Are?

Himalya Quartz has a strong foundation in the business of Stone dealing that circulates precious Gemstone and related products across the board. Founded by Vishakha Agrawal and co-owned by Saurabh Agrawal, Himalya Quartz has now entered the E-commerce platform to provide its services to an even bigger audience. Most of our trusted client base resides in the US, but we have a widespread network in different other countries like Japan and Asian countries that love to cherish these charming stones. As of today, we are a team of 25 members spread over a large chain in India, that work with their heart and soul on the 24-hour clock to deliver supreme quality products by keeping our clients the foremost priority.

Our Aim

We at Himalya Quartz are committed to safeguarding all our customers and their individual interests. We aim at providing only the best Crystals, Gemstones, and Quartz items to our customers at decent prices according to the customer’s needs. We endeavor to educate and create awareness about these naturally occurring unique creations of stones and crystals. The quartz items, healing stones, and other precious crystals that we provide are nature’s precious Gifts, formed over millions of years. This is what makes them so special, valuable, and sometimes expensive. Other than their unmatchable Beauty and explicit Aura, Indian Vedic Astrology also vouches for their mystical powers that bind the people even more strongly to our Hindu culture. But, due to the immense popularity of Natural Gemstones and their increased demand, there are a lot of look-alikes of Natural Gemstones, Synthetic and Treated stones in the market. Most people tend to buy only Natural Gemstones and unfortunately, due to lack of knowledge and appropriate information, they end up buying synthetic or treated gemstones. Nevertheless, Our only aim at Himalya Quartz is to help our modern customers find the perfect pick for themselves. For that, we promise to deliver the hundred percent natural and exotic gems at your fingertips, the ones that you want.

Our Mission

We dream it and do it together every day by reinventing everything that’s possible. Right from the mining process to bringing the diverse variety of precious stones and elegant beads to your doorstep. Our team of Himalya Quartz works round the clock in the mining process which occurs at the city of hills and waterfalls, Kullu Himachal Pradesh. The most vivid and extensive hand-picked pieces are finalized and sent to the capital city of Rajasthan, Jaipur. Our main hub in the heart of the pink city launches highly refined and luxurious pieces for you to choose the best for yourself. Our team of dedicated Gem experts spends their day and night collecting the best Gemstones direct from Mines and after careful examination, they are further sent for the refinement procedure. Each gemstone is graded very precisely and carefully on the Quality parameters for our buyers.

Our Products and Services

With an extensive inventory of a wide range of varieties in precious stones, ravishing crystals, and semi-precious gemstones, with a global supply network. Our massive and diversified collection includes thousands of valuable stones in various color tones, intricate shapes, and bountiful carat weight to meet the varied requirements of our patrons.

Our collection predominantly comprises White samadhi Quartz, Pink samadhi Quartz, Green Chlorite, Green Phantom, Black Tourmaline, Yellow quartz, and a lot more. We have a vivid range of Apophyllite (Pink Apophyllite, Chalcedony, White Apophyllite, Green Apophyllite, etc.). Not only this, but we have also aced our dealings in Healing/Reiki products, whose demands are constantly rising on a global scale. Healing stones are considered to be Good luck charms and are believed to bring Prosperity. These share an eminent position in the market because renowned astrologers worldwide recommend them for various reasons, related to both Health and Wealth. The generation-old Vedic astrology believes that the energization of an astrological gemstone is essential to remove negative impressions and enhance the gem’s astrological properties. Our boundaries at Himalya Quartz help you resolve these issues and let you pick the most Astrologically recommended stones. Our pre-eminent collection consists of Rare to Rarest stones like Black Opal, Black Tourmaline, Green Chlorite, Yellow quartz, etc.

Why Choose Us?

Having been in the business for so many years, Himalya Quartz takes the stringent process in the selectivity, storage, and distribution of its gemstone collection to ensure they are natural, unheated, and untreated gemstones with A-one quality. We ensure that our services are fair in trading and thus provide complete transparency on prices.

Today the market, especially the online platforms are flooded with Synthetics, Simulants, Lookalikes which are Treated Gemstones. Most of these are treated with Color & Clarity Enhancement to improve their outer appearance and are not at all authentic, yet are sold at higher market prices. This is what sets Himalya Quartz apart from the others. We promise products that are genuine, natural, reliable, and durable in every possible aspect. Apart from this, we have introduced the Video-Conferencing option, which allows our customers to select and choose their most wished stones through online mode. 

We are not at all involved in the Market supply system which attributes to the fact that we directly mine from the valleys and sell the desired products to our customers directly. Thus, there are no middlemen in the process and hence the customer gets gemstones at the most cost-effective price. 

We do not restrict our customers from anything and offer them real-time visibility of their order status right from the order placement to manufacturing, packaging, and dispatch. 

Our products
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